#TitipJual via @jickoyow

for sale crank sugino messenger 46T black, 95% kondisi

harga rp. 1.300.000
sms ke 083895991549
wts tire Vittoria Randoneur 700x32c 2pcs. kondisi masih bagus jarang di skid

harga rp.500.000 nett
sms 083895991549
for sale riser kalloy with blb steam & grip oury black, kondisi 90%

harga sepaket rp550.000
sms 083895991549
-Foto Menyusul-
for sale rear wheelset velocity deep v silver with s1x hub silver 32h excl ban. kondisi 95%

harga rp 1.700.000
sms 083895991549
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